Household goods refer to all the items you use at home. They include items such as tables, bed, TV, cabinets of various types, TV stand, electric or gas fireplace and others. Most people moving house local or relocating to other countries, be it shipping items to Canada, move with all or some of their household items. Given that household items can be anything used at home or that they are available in a number of types and sizes, it is always difficult to pack them in preparation for international removals. If you can learn how to pack your household goods for international relocation, you have done half of the job involved in moving. Here are some household packing tips to apply whenever it is time for you to pack your item. Pack your items today, send them in safe way and enjoy your visit Canada.

Getting the packing materials and tools

Before you start packing your household items, it is advisable that you get your packing materials and tools ready. To be able to determine the types of packing material required as well as the quantity that will be enough to properly pack them, you need to know the various items that will be packed. So, you have to make a list of all the household goods that you will be packing taking into consideration their sizes and shapes. You should also ensure that you have quality and right packing materials. Having the right quality and type is an essential step to take in order to reduce damage and breakage during shipment to Canada. Make sure that you use new packing materials and boxes. If you are using fairly used ones, you have to ensure that they are in the best conditions. It is good for the moving boxes to be 3 inches larger than the items that will be packed inside them. The remaining spaces as will be advised later will be filled with packing peanuts or papers for more cushioning effect or to act as shock absorbers.

Overseas packing tipsYou can buy packing materials either locally or online. In case you are not sure of the right packing materials to use, you should let your local Canadian shipping company help you. Usually they sell different kinds of quality packing materials at affordable prices. If you decide to hire moving company with their packing services, sometimes you can get packing materials for free. It's always worth to ask. Alternative you could use our services to compare shipping services and shipping costs to Canada.

There are some factors that you should take into consideration before you acquire the packing boxes. Every box has its rating and thus suitable for a particular type of item. So whether you are shipping instruments to Calgary or sending books you can easily find boxes suitable for your needs. Single walled items are suitable for packing items that do not weigh more than 40 pounds. Double-walled boxes are suitable for items that weigh more than 40 pounds. You may also consider using wood crate for such items.

Clean your items before shipping overseas

Take time to clean all the items that you will be shipping to Canada. It is not good to pack dirt items or items that are very dusty. Cleaning your items before packing them will help to reduce your work when you are unpacking and arranging them in your new home. So, always take unpacking into consideration when you are packing any item. Besides, it is always good to move with neat items. This is another reason why you should clean your items before packing them. If you are planning furniture shipping to Toronto you can use our complex services that include also cleaning solutions.

Preparing and packing household goods for shipment

The next thing that you should do is to prepare a suitable packing space for your items. This step may seem unimportant for some people but the truth is that a lot of things can go wrong if you do skip it. Packing in a congested place or among clutter can result in the breakage of your items. Besides, there is the possibility of losing a small item or nuts and bolts amidst clutters. To avoid any disaster or ugly incidence, it is advisable that you prepare large workspace. Make sure that the workspace is padded to eliminate or reduce breakage. The floor remains the best platform for packing. If you are going to pack on a floor, spread blanket on it if it is not carpeted or rugged to add some cushioning effects. You can also use a table top as your workspace. If you are using your table as your workspace, you should also add some padding to it.

How to pack for moving to CanadaAfter establishing a spacious workspace, the next thing you should do is to prepare and pack your items for shipment. Start with items that have removable parts. Dismantle and remove all the parts. It is better and more cost effective to pack items in small and compact quantities. This makes for easy carriage and also reduces the weight of the items. Keep breakable items separately because they will require more padding and those that are very fragile should be shipped differently as parcel or freight.

The next step to follow is the wrapping of the various items with bubble wrapper or with acid-free tissue paper. If you are wrapping with a tissue paper, it is important that you make use of the acid-free type because the acid on acidic paper can affect the surface of some household items over some time. Sometimes, it may take years for the damage to show. Thus, even if the shipment will take a couple of days, you should not wrap with acidic papers if you want to avoid damaging your items.

Don't be stingy with the wrapper when you are wrapping it. You have to use much wrappers. Keep wrapping the items until you will no longer be able to feel the item that is being wrap. However, this does not mean that you should be wasteful with the wrapper. Secure the tissue paper firmly with a tape. Make sure that the tape does not touch any part of the item that is being wrapped to avoid damaging it in anyway.

Putting the wrapped items in boxes

The type and size of moving boxes to be used depends on the size and type of items that is being moved. Small and heavy items should be packed in small boxes or book boxes. If you pack heavy items in big boxes, it will be difficult for one person to load it unto the truck. So, using small boxes to pack small and heavy items makes for easy loading, unloading and unpacking. As mentioned above, when you are putting the items in boxes, you should leave about 3 inches space. Always place the items at the centre or in such a manner that there will be some spaces at the both ends of the moving boxes. Make sure that the boxes are in good condition and can bear the weight of the items. Contact us today if you are looking for cheap excess baggage shipping and packing solutions.

Before putting the items in the boxes, you have to first of all fill the bottom with packing peanuts about 2-3 inches for more cushioning effect especially if you are moving fragile items. As mentioned above, leave some spaces at the sides after putting the items. Then, fill the spaces with packing peanuts. Shake the box so that the packing peanuts will press down. Add more to refill the gap created. Close and seal the boxes properly. Wrap the seams right round with a wrapping tape.By following this techniques sending boxes to Canada will be easy and safe.

After packing your items, make sure that you label it indicating the contents and where they will be used. Proper labeling makes for easy unpacking. When the items get to the new location, it will be easier for you to tell where each box will be used. During unloading and unpacking, they will be taken directly to the room or space they belong to. Note that it is also advise to pack items that will be used in the same room or living space together in the same carton. This will make the unpacking easier and reduce or eliminate the possibility of searching for items.

Items ready for shipping?

When you have safely and securely pack your items, the next thing that you should do is to ship them. The first thing to do here is to hire a reliable shipping company from UK to Canada. The safety of your items depends to a greater extent on the shipping company that handles the shipment. This is why it is important for you to hire a reliable shipping company. Make use of the internet in your search for the shipping company. If you perform a Google search, you will get impressive results of firms offering container shipping to Ottawa. But do not be deceived with the ads. You have to go the extra mile in obtaining reliable information about the company that you want to hire. Read their reviews and the comments the previous consumers wrote for them. Make sure that the company is a registered member of British Association of Removers (BAR) and other professional bodies. Choose about 4 companies with the best reviews in your judgment. Whether you are planning removals to Winnipeg from UK or any other location, you should always choose only prooven moving firms. It guarantees sucess of your international relocation.

Ask the international moving companies to send their quotation to you. This is a necessary step for any person that wants to get the best deal. Compare the quotes using the same criteria. This will help you to know which quote is the best. Don't just judge based on the total figure. Always find out what and what are covered in a quote. A quote may be small in size and yet expensive if you consider other added services the other companies with high quotes will render to you. Hire the company that offers a better quote.

Export packing to Canada

Determining the volume or weight of your item

The next thing you have to do here is to determine the volume and weight of your item. Depending on the shipping methods and shipping company you are using, items are cost either based on their weight or volume. Either way, proper packing will help to reduce the cost. This is why you have to pack your items properly. You can invite the representative of the company you are using their services to help you here if you are not able to do that by yourself.

Deciding on the transport option

There are basically four transport option used in shipping, namely, road, rail, sea and air shipment. Each one has its pros and cons. Your situations will determine whether or not a transport system is suitable for you. For example, if you need the shipment urgently, you can go for air shipment but you have to pay high amount. If you are moving your item to another country especially outside Europe (like international removals to Vancouver) and you are on budget, you may consider shipping the items through the high sea or ocean. If you are moving items locally or to another close European country, you can make use of truck or rail transport option.

Prepare an inventory of the items

After hiring a company, before you hand your items over to them, it is advisable that you prepare an inventory of your consignment and have it signed by the representative of the shipper. Take note of the condition of the items. Take photos of the items as evidence of their conditions. Your shipping manager should check and confirm the inventory as well as the photos and sign it. With the inventory and photos, you will be able to tell if there is any damaged item. With the photos, you can make claims.

Buy insurance cover for the items

This is another important aspect of moving that most people overlook. No matter how experience a company is, they have no control over certain shipping-related issues and disasters. There are some accidents that are unavoidable and thus cannot be controlled by any shipper regardless of the person's expertise and experience. Sometimes, turbulence in the high ocean can result in loss of life, loss of items or entire consignment, breakages and damages. The reality of the above fact is the reason why you should consider securing your goods. A good shipping company will be able to provide you with comprehensive insurance or help you to purchase one from a reliable insurance company. Buy protection for your removals to Montreal from UK, even despite the best packing methods and metrial something might go wrong, so it's always better to be covered.

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