A mattress is a must-have in every bedroom. It is difficult to see a household that has no mattress.  The situation may require that you pack your mattress when you are moving to Canada. Sometimes, you may have the need to store your mattress. If you are relocating to another place, it is one of the articles of furniture that you may be relocating with. You need to pack it very well so that it will not occupy much space and you will be able to carry it. Before providing you with tips on how to pack your mattress, it will be better to explain to you the reason why you should properly pack your item.

Reasons why you should pack your mattress very well packing your item very well is a veritable means of reducing the weight and volume of your mattress. Normally, the mattress takes some space. It is as voluminous as the bed for which it is meant for. It can also be weighty depending on the quantity of stuff it contains. Given its size and weight, it may be difficult for you to lift and move it into storage. However, if you pack it very well, one person can lift it and it will not weigh much. In other words, the way you pack your mattress will determine to a greater extent the volume and weight of your mattress when it is going into store or when it will be shipped.Are you plan visit Canada for a few months and want to take your mattress with you? You need some tips to follow when packing mattress for shipping.

Another reason why you should properly pack your mattress is to prevent it from becoming dirty. If you are shipping your mattress, it can become dirty easily. It can also be exposed to the element of weather such as rain and dust. But if it is well packed and covered, the elements of weather will not have any effect on it.  So, to prevent your mattress from becoming wet and dirty, it is necessary that you pack it very well.

Mattress can disfigure when it is put in awkward position. Permanent warp, dips and lumps can be formed as well. The spring of your mattress can break and bend when heavy items are placed on the mattress. So, if you want to get back your mattress in good shape when you are moving it or putting it into storage, you have to pack it properly. Regadless of the type os shipping services you are choosing, be it shipping container to Ottawa or air freight, you must ensure proper wrapping of your mattress.

Packing mattress topperTypes of mattresses and their features There are two types of mattresses, namely, memory foam and standard spring. Each of these kinds of mattress is unique and has its unique characteristics. Here are some of the characteristics of these mattresses.

Standard spring - Standard spring mattress can bend and brake. It is also possible for the filling of the mattress to shift resulting in lumps. The top fabric can tear or rip as well.

Memory foam - Memory foam is normally hard to ship or move because it is thicker and heavier than standard spring mattress. It comes with parts and if it is poorly handled, they can tear off in chunks. The layer may start to separate when it is stored in the upright position for a long time. Memory foam can easily get wet because it has high absorbency level. When it absorbs liquid, it may take time to dry and this will cause it to smell. Here are some of the tips that you should apply when you want to pack your mattress.

Bagging or wrapping mattress

If you are shipping your mattress either locally or abroad, it is advisable that you bag and box it. Some people may prefer one option. But bagging and boxing the mattress when shipping it remains the ideal. Here are some tips that you should apply to bag and box your mattress.

A special type of bag is used for bagging mattress. The mattress is made of professional grade polyurethane material. It has a thickness of 2-4mm. The bag is very spacious and loose around the mattress to make room for additional padding for enhanced protection of the mattress. When you put the mattress in the bag, it is advisable that you add extra padding. There are several means of adding extra padding. You may consider filling the edges and corners of your mattress with packing foam. You can also use cardboard for the padding around the edges and corners of the mattress. During shipping, there is the possibility of the mattress hitting against other things or bumping around. The hitting and bumping can cause the mattress to break and spoil. But if you pad the mattress, it will protect the mattress from any damage when it bumps and hit against the wall.

Another means of giving enhanced padding to your mattress is to wrap the mattress with a blanket before bagging it. Secure it with a packing tape or stretch tape. If you are moving the mattress in a store, you can take it that way where you will like to store it. But if you are moving it to another location or you want to ship it, then you have to put it in a box before moving. Contact us to check average costs of shipping to Canada including packing services.

Boxing mattress

Mattresses are available in a number of sizes. Each size has a suitable size of box for moving it. Uniquely shaped mattresses such as thick and pillow top style mattress have special boxes for keeping them. Before buying a mattress, you have to measure it first and ensure that the size is suitable for your box. In case you did not put the mattress in a bag, you can put it directly in a box. However, you have to add some padding to the box so that the mattress will have a cushioning effect when it hits and bumps against the wall of the box. You can use cardboard, sheets or plastic to wrap the mattress. If there are spaces left at the sides of the box when you have put the mattress in the box, fill up the empty spaces with void fill. In this way, you will prevent the foam from shifting around. Close and seal the seams of the box with tape.

If you are moving your mattress, it is advisable that you lay it down and then place a plywood wood of about 1/4 inch thick on top of it to make it possible for you to place other items on top of the mattress. Nothing will happen to the mattress if you place a plywood on top of it before putting items on it.

Mattress storage advice

How to pack a mattress?If you are storing your mattress, it is not advisable that you keep it upright. If you keep it in upright position, chances that the mattress will spoil are very high. The best position to keep your mattress when it is in stored is to lay it down. However, if the situation requires that you must keep it in upright position, then you have to use a rope to secure it on the wall so that it will not warp or sag. Alternatively, you can put the mattress in between two plywoods and then secure it between there. In this way, the plywood will be able to stand up on itself.

Shipping your mattress

The shipping of mattress is not quite different from the shipping process of other household. Begin by looking for a reliable shipping company. Research the internet to find a carrier that can move mattress. Get quotes from several reliable shipping companies and then compare the quotes. Go for a quote that is more affordable in so far as the company will render a quality service. In other words, you should not sacrifice quality for cost. When you have gotten a quality shipping service, you have to agree on the departure and arrival date of the carrier to the address stipulated on the contract.

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