Things you should know when visiting Canada

Visitors to Canada and other Temporary Residents

This should help you figure out what goods you are able to import when you visit Canada, describes special benefits that apply if you own property in Canada for seasonal use or lease one for a minimum of 36 months, to study, and/ or if you plan on working in Canada for less than 36 months

Documents required

Upon entering Canada to visit it, a border services officer might ask to see your passport and a valid visa if you are coming from a country that needs one.  If you are a United States citizen, you will not need a passport to visit Canada, but you should carry proof you are a citizen like a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, or any other proof, as well as a photo I.D.  If you are a permanent resident in the U.S., you will need to bring your resident card with you.

Bringing children in Canada

Border services officers are watching out for any children who may need protection.  Children are classified as anyone under the age of 18, and are subject to the entry requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. When you are planning to visit Canada with children you will need to carry with you extra documents. 

Best time to visit CanadaTo ensure the safety of children, those unable to provide proper identification or travelling with someone other than their parents or legal guardians will be examined thoroughly. 

Children who what to visit Canada alone will also need proof of citizenship, and it is highly recommended to have a letter from both parents (if possible) stating that the person who is meeting them was authorized to care for them during their stay. 

If is also good to add how long their will be visiting Canada and also have contact information of parents.

If you are divorced or separate and you plan a visit to Canada with children, it is best to carry your custody papers or a legal separation document and if possible a letter from the other parent stating that you have permission to visit Canada with the child. 

Public Health

If you have a communicable disease or have been in contact with someone who has, it is your job to inform a border services officer or a quarantine officer before you visit Canada so that they can determine if you will need to be assessed some more.  If you become sick when moving to Canada, it is best to consult a doctor and give them any information they may need like where you were before Canada and any previous medical treatments you may have had, so they can help figure out if anything serious is wrong.

Canada Visitors

What can you bring?

Visitors are allowed to bring personal baggage, this would include clothes, camping and sporting goods, cameras and computers.  It can also include vehicles, aircraft and private boats. Check our tips on how to travel light to Canada

You will need to declare all of your goods you are shipping to Canada from the UK upon arrival.  Border service officers conduct examinations on goods being imported or exported to verify declarations.  If you declare your goods when you come to visit Canada and take them with you when you leave, you will not have to pay any duty or taxes.  Your personal goods that are being imported can’t be:

Visit to Canada
  • Used by any residents
  • Used on the behalf of a business based in Canada
  • Be given as a gift to a resident
  • Disposed of/ left in Canada

You may be asked to leave a security deposit for the goods, which will be refunded to you when you export them from Canada.  If you are required to leave a security deposit, the officer helping you will issue a Temporary Admission Permit (form E29B), and give you a copy of the form for your records.  When you leave Canada, if you present the goods and form to an officer, they will give you a receipt copy of the form and your security deposit will be sent to you by mail. 


You are able to import gifts to give friends when you come to visit Canada duty- and tax- free as long as each gift is priced at CANS$60 or less.  If you are sending a gift to Canada from the UK that is more than that price, you will have to pay duty and taxes on the excess amount.  Alcoholic beverages, business related material or tobacco products are not able to be claimed as gifts. Click on the link to check how to find right baggage for travelling.

Residents that are seasonal

If you are not a resident of Canada and lease a property for seasonal use for at least 36 months, you have an entitlement for one time to furnish it with certain goods duty- and tax- free.  This does not apply to a mobile or portable home, time- share, a property you share/ or will share with a resident, or a place that you lease or rent to other while you are not in Canada. 

Visiting to work / study

When you visit Canada to study or work for less than 36 months, you are able to temporarily import household and personal goods tax- and duty- free.  Examples of these goods are furniture, silverware, appliances, tableware and motor vehicle.  You are able to import these with no fees as long as you follow these conditions:

  • Your goods can’t be used by residents;
  • You are not to sell or dispose of any goods you import;
  • And you must take all imported goods out of Canada when you leave
  • Winnipeg

Preparing to visit Canada

Temporary residents visiting Canada are advised to prepare two copies of the list of items that are to be temporarily imported.  This list should include the value, description, model and serial number if able to be provided. 

If you are importing jewellery when visiting Canada from UK, it is best to use the description from your insurance policy or the jeweller’s appraisal and include a picture that has been signed by your jeweller or gemmologist. 

While in Canada

Renewing temporary admission permit

Temporary residents must pay attention to the date that their admission permit expires.  Make sure to visit a local CBS office in Canada a few days prior of expiration to renew your admission permit.  The border services officer will ask you if you still have every non-consumable items you had imported with you still in your possession and if you have changed your address or phone number as well.

If you change your immigration status with the CIC after you have arrived or later decide to Visit Canada and work for longer than 36 months, you must make sure to notify the CBSA right away because it may affect your residential status.


When you have completed your Visit / work / studies and are going to return to your permanent place of residence, it is best to advise the CBSA office nearest to you about when and how your belongings will be sent to you, and what steps are needed to be taken before you leave.  When to visit Canada from UK?Make sure you leave an address so they can send you any refunds you are entitled to. 

If you are a tourist and want to know what is the best time to visit Canada from UK please contact our office. We will be happy to email you our free tips and visiting Canada guide.

When of the questions we get asked most often is when to visit Canada from UK. Depends on your preferences, life style, things you want to do, places you want to visit there is no just one best time.

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