Air cargo to CanadaTransporting goods by air is definitely effective and the fastest way of delivering items for overseas destinations. It is very commonly used method of transportation of goods and items in the recent past, because of the numerous advantages it offers.

Air freight to Canada is very essential in the controlling of the flow of goods and its management. One of the major reasons why shipping by air is a necessity is because of the fact that the system is mostly used in the shipment of goods and services that are time sensitive in nature. In some cases, it is the only way of shipping time sensitive goods which could be delivered within a few days to almost any location in the world. Another great thing about air freight service to Canada is that it is a worldwide service, in the sense that it delivers both nationwide and internationally within short timeframe.

If you are looking for express air freight to Canada from the UK we can offer reliable services that will get your parcel, sending boxes to Canada , furniture or other goods to your destination address in Canada within 96hours (depending on the location). You can make use of flexible UK to Canada air freight services and options that are available. Express furniture removals to Vancouver could be done via air services, however it's recommended only for small pieces that you need urgently in Canada.

The good thing about our air shipping to Canada is the scope of our service as it concerns the items we can transport and deliver for you. There is no job to big or too small. We can offer shipping by air from UK to Canada regardless of the type of the load. This ranges from simple and small things like a sending excess baggage by air, small antiques, or to huge things like vehicles, large machinery, etc.

The process of arranging overseas goods delivery can be stressful time. There are to main options of sending items to Canada from UK - you can opt for economy sea shipping or express air freight solutions.  Both solutions have its advantages and differences. One of the main differences between two major shipping methods is the speed of transportation. When comparing sea and air shipping, the second will always come out on top.

If you decide to send your items to Canada via airfreight, you can expect to have them delivered within a week or two, depending on the distance as well as on the type of the load. The total transit time is combination of a different factors, which include customs clearance. To get the exact shipping time, we suggest to contact removal companies to Canada, provide your requirements, based on which we will advise how long it can take to ship items via air to Canada. 

Shipping to Canada by air from UK

UK to Canada air freightWhen you look at the shipments done through sea shipping and air freight, you will discover some similarities but also some differences. Air shipping is the best option for smaller shipments, like boxes or excess baggage shipping, however we can also organize heavy machinery or vehicles shipping by air as we cooperate with air cargo operators that utilize the biggest cargo planes in the World. The biggest is witnessed in the travel time. In fact, this is the strength of the shipping to Canada by air services.  The shipments that go through the air freight system are mostly the ones that travel hundreds or thousands of miles within the same day. This is something that is completely impossible with land and sea shipping.

When you are in need of express delivery to Canada via air service, there are many freight brokers to help you. We can also offer you the best solutions and cheap air shipping to Canada, as we always try to be as much competitive as possible. If you do not want to use any agent or broker services you can book services for sending goods to Canada by air directly with us. We will also assist you on every stage of the entire process of planning and organisign shipment to Canada by air.

One of the drawbacks of using air freight is its cost.  But it’s the nature of any express services. If you require your goods to be delivered urgently to other continent, it must cost more than using economy sea sipping. You have to bear in mind the fact that UK to Canada air freight costs more money than any other system, but you get very short shipping time for door-to-door removals from UK to Canada. So if you shipping instruments to Winnipeg and need them in Sydney within 2 weeks, your only option is to send them via plane.

Another thing that adds credence to the money pay for this service is the fact that air freight as presently constituted will also offer you the most secure shipping. This is because of the huge precaution and safety measures that are taken in the international airports and on the cargo planes to insure proper handling and adequate safety of your items or cargo.

How much does air freight costs?

If you are wondering how much is sending goods to Canada by air service, you should be aware that rates are usually based on the total weight of your items being shipped. In case of sending large items, there it could be combination of weight and cubic volume.

Costs of air freight may vary depending on the pick-up and delivery address, on the type of the items your are sending, value of the goods and import duty rates. To get an idea of approximate costs you should use free quotation tools provided by most of the shipping firms.

Receiving free quote for air shipping to Canada is really easy and quick. The easiest option is to use our shipping services comparison tool. You fill in only one questionnaire but you receive up to 5 estimates from top shipping companies to Canada.

Approximate costs of shipping by air to Canada (Updated 2021):

Size / weight rates
1 box (25kg) 120GBP
2 boxes (up to 50kg) 180GBP
5 boxes (up to 125kg) 300GBP
10 boxes (up to 250kg) 550GBP

* the above rates are based on removals to Montreal


Advantages of sending items to Canada by air

Cargo planeOne of the biggest advantages you will enjoy when you make use of the air freight system includes the tracking system. This is an electronic system that will allow you to know the destination and status of your goods and shipments right from the time you left them in the hands of the carrier till the time they arrive your final destination. This gives you peace of mind as against anxiety occasioned by uncertainties, and also offers you the chance to have minute to minute information about the state of your shipment and cargo.

Another great thing is that you get from us is the awesome customer service. Our dedicated team member will be in communication with you until the aim of the task is achieved. You are never left in the dark and will never enjoy even a minute of uncertainty.

Now, because you may not know how the air freight system works or how to get the best out of it, we have our services waiting for you. Yes, we guide and help you through the initial stages of planning your relocation. In case of overseas freight one of the most essential things is proper support and advice. We are ready to help you as soon as you start looking for the UK to Canada air shipping quote. We are also with you when you want to track your shipment, as we offer tracking systems and solutions to you. This takes you from the early stages till the final destination of your goods. Just book our services and we will offer you furniture shipping to Canada from UK at a very little cost.

History of air freight services

Now, a look at the history of the air freight system has it that the military seems to be the people that popularized this. Nations own huge number of aircrafts for the military and these are mostly used as cargo carriers for the military logistics. The first use of aircrafts for the purpose of transporting letters and other mails was in 1911. It was after this that most of the manufacturers of aircrafts started designing aircrafts specifically for the purpose or transporting cargo from one place to the other. These were specifically designed for this, with features meant to enhance easy carrying of cargo.