Shipping boxes to Canada form UK

How much to send boxes?

How much does it cost to send 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30 boxes to Canada form the UK. Where there are many different type and sizes of packing boxes. The costs of sending boxes would depend mainly on the overall size. Once you are packed put your boxes together in a cube, measure the height, width and depth. Than multiply all 3 dimensions to get the cubic volume.

Next you can contact us for a free quote to deliver boxes to Canada from anywhere in the UK. We know how to find you best price. We send the request to a number of shipping lines to compare the costs of shipping boxes to Canada to get best rates for you. We can always prepare 2 options for you a cheap one and a bit more expensive:

  • Sending boxes by air - quick but expensive
  • Shipping boxes by sea - slower but cheaper

if you would like us to provide the insurance for the items you are shipping to Canada from UK we would have to pack those items. This is the requirements set by our insurance company. The international packing service can be provided for fragile and expensive items only or for all your goods at very affordable rates.

Shipping boxes are not always the best option for protecting your personal belongings. Some items like grandfather clocks, antiques, pianos should be crated. If you are moving boxes to Canada you can also put them into a wooden crate or on a pallet. Just to keep all your possessions together, save and sealed.

If you want to pack all your items by yourself you can buy removal boxes from us or get them from an online shop. As long as the packagings are strong and clean we will deliver boxes to Canada with no problems.

What boxes can I use for shipping?

Whenever you talk about the packing and removals to Canada of any type of item, the first thing that will occur to your mind is the materials used for the packing and transport, and obviously the number one and most important thing is the shipping box.

When you are moving to Canada and your household items, electronics, brand new goods, home and office equipment and others, you must use the shipping boxes. Now, the caveat here is that you must always go for the brand new shipping boxes for you to be double sure about the safety of your items.

While these delivery boxes are sold by the movers as shipping supplies, you can also construct your own shipping boxes to Canada, especially when you are sending items of special sizes.  In this case, you have to purchase the shipping box material and shape them as you wish in your home.

The shipping boxes come in different sizes and shapes

There are different types of moving boxes specifically suitable for the shipping of particular items due to their size, materials they are made with and other things. Every shipping box used for moving of your items must be padded and cushioned to give adequate protection.

TV boxThere are cases when you are supposed to use several amounts of packing form or packing peanuts at the bottom, sides and top of the box, so as to prevent the packed items from being damaged by external pressure. There are cases when you will need to use double boxes. Only good packing techniques will allow you to have cheap shipping boxes to Canada from UK as there will be no damages. When you are shipping container to Edmonton then using standard cardboard boxes is good idea as you can easily fill the entire container.

These are necessary when you are shipping items in boxes that are overly fragile like fine china, porcelain, items with glass, some electronics, ceramics and others. In this case, you will need to get two different boxes of different sizes.

One should be bigger than the other and the bigger one must have at least 2 inches extra space on all sides. This extra space is filled with the peanuts for cushioning before the first one which is already filled with the items is placed in it.

Types of moving boxes

There are many types of cardboard cartons out there that can be used for shipping boxes to Canada and you need to know the types and specifications so that you will go for the best ones whenever you want to pack your items for sending them from the UK by air or sea. The boxes are designated according to the materials and the sizes and use. We will give you the types according to the materials and use, and then according to the sizes.

Moving boxes to Canada from UK
  • Corrugated shipping boxes; this type of box is made with corrugated fibreboard and this inspires the name of the box. They are very common in the transportation of warehouse products and goods. The corrugated type is rated according to the strength of the item shipped in it and the capacity of the box itself.
  • The next type of box is the folding carton. This is also fabricated from the paper-board. It involves printing the paper board, cutting it and scoring it to come out with a blank. They are left flat only to be erected at the point where they will be filled. They can be used to store goods or to move goods that are on one time sealing, and which cannot be resealed. This is what is used in manufacturing birthday gift boxes, though some stronger ones can be made for bigger and stronger use.
  • Set up box; this is another type of box which is also called rigid paper-board box.  This involves stronger and stiffer paper-boards. They are glued together with some amount of paper skins and they can come printed or coloured. They are mostly assembled at the manufacturing point or location and moved after setting them up. These are mainly for the transportation of high value items like electronics, watches and cosmetics, and they are more expensive than other boxes
  • The crates; this involves a heavy duty shipping container and it is mostly made of wood, though some can be made with other materials. Now, there are some wooden boxes too and they may be separated from crates as different entities. These come with a rated strength and must meet the container required strength to qualify to be called a crate. The amount of weight that this can lift before the closure or the top informs its rating. The costs of shipping boxes to Canada form UK in a wooden crate are a bit more expensive then sending the same boxes on a pallet.
  • Wooden box; this is the type of box that is constructed with wood and it is different from crates. An example of this is the wooden wine box used in transporting expensive and exotic wines.
  • Bulk box; this is the very large box that is mostly found in industrial areas and is designed to match on a pallet. The design is made in such a way that it can fit comfortably into a pallet. Now, it is very normal for you to see people address the moving or shipping boxes as cartons. This is also a rightful name for these. These types of boxes are also known as pallet boxes.
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Packing boxes sizes

How much it would cost to ship boxes to Canada from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Guildford, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and other towns in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland will depend on the size of the box. When you are contemplating on the carton to use, you should have these in mind.  The size of the removal boxes irrespective of the materials or type is an important determinant in choosing the one to use.

There are boxes of different types according to sizes.

1.5 cubic foot cartons1.5 cubic foot cartons

This is actually the smallest shipping box to Canada when you consider the general purpose cartons or plastic crates. When you want to pack the smallest and also the heaviest items, you should go for this box. The item that is mostly suitable for this includes records, books, cds, VCR tapes, heavy tools and canned goods. This is also called the book or small cartons. Shipping small boxes to Canada can be used for sending gifts too.

3.0 cubic foot carton

This is referred to as the medium carton and it is the carton for the workhorse. They are also used in packing heavier and smaller items to be transported in boxes to Canada. Such items that are very fragile and needs to be packed in smaller quantities are best for this. They include electronics gadgets, pots and pans, small outdoor tools, lamp bases and many others.

4.5 cubic foot box

Now, the issue is that when you have the bigger boxes, you should also have in mind that the weight of the items packed is also increasing. This type of carton is also for the workhorse and it is good for the packing and shipping of the following items, toys, kitchen goods that are not breakable, lamp shades, linens, larger lamp bases and cloths that are non-hanging. Choosing the right type and size of cartons will affect the cost of shipping boxes to Canada from UK.

6.0 or 6.5 cubic foot carton

This is the big sized or large carton and it is the largest for all the general purpose cartons. Anything that is bigger than this is a custom made carton. The best items to be shipped in this carton are those items that are bulky but very light. Yes, they should be for the heaviest and bulkiest items like stuffed toys, winter coats, area rugs, pillows, blankets, bigger electronic gadgets and furniture. Contact us to compare the prices for shipping boxes from UK to Canada. Get it as cheap as possible and as quick as possible. 6 cubic ft boxes can be used for your excess baggage to Canada if you have no suitcases.

Dish pack

Dish boxesThis is the special carton that is deigned to be very strong. It is actually the safest of all the cartons because of its strength. It is constructed with multiple layers and the breakable kitchen wares like fine china, porcelain, ceramic plates, pots and crystal are packed in them. Dish shipping boxes are very safe and durable. This should also contain the brick a back, lamp bases, small antiques and others.

Mattress carton

This is another type of shipping box. This comes in different shapes according to the sizes and shapes of mattresses. They have sizes like twin, crib, double, king and queen. There are also cartons for sleep sofas, futons and water-beds. When going for this, insure that you are getting the carton for the king sized bed and not a carton for two singles.  The carton for two singles may be smaller or bigger for your king size bed. Shipping boxes from London to Canada can be cheap if you ask us for a quote.

Mirror carton

This is another type of shipping box. These come in different sizes according to the varied sizes of the mirrors. In most cases they are designed in a way that they can be fitted together for the purposes of flexibility and adequate protection for pictures, frames and glasses.

Wardrobe boxes and cartons

They come as the largest when you consider the standard cartons. They come either in a stand up or lay down design. They are made for international moves and the hanging clothes in them remain hanging during transportation. Things like curtains and drapes are shipped with this and it reduces the amount of shrinking that will be witnessed. Sending boxes to Canada with clothes can be done using wardrobe cartons.

There are many other specialized boxes different from the ones mentioned above. These are the pole lamp cartons, bicycle cartons, grandfather clock cartons, crates and many others constructed for the shipping of specific goods and items. You can get these by ordering on time from your shipping supplies provider. We provide all sorts of cartons for you within the shortest notice, and our cartons are of the highest quality.

Where to buy best shipping box?

Sending boxes to CanadaThere are several avenues through which you can buy your shipping boxes.  You can get to any of the shipping outposts and buy these. Contact our shipping companies Calgary and request price list of packign supplies we provide. You can also get these free of charge when you buy postage altogether.

There are many box stores where you can buy them around you. However, for you to be on the safe side, you are better off buying from a certified shipping company like us. We know the exact specification and approved weights, and we will advise you on the best boxes, the most suitable for the items you want to ship and the amount of weight you should pack on each. Find best rates for sending boxes to Canada from the UK.

Compare the costs of shipping boxes from the UK. Find cheap movers to bring boxes with your goods to your new home in Vancouver or Toronto. Get cheap boxes removals to Ottawa! Whether you want us to send 1, 4, 5, 8, 12, 15, 22, 34, 40 or 50 boxes we will provide you with a cheap price.

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