With our free quote you will receive full specification of our packages so you can decide which international removals option suits your requirements. Regardless of the services you choose to transport goods to Victoria via our company, you can be sure that all your personal belongings will be handled with an utmost care at every stage of the move. As an experienced company we offer wide range of overseas moving services, including house furniture removals to Victoria or boxes delivery, 20ft or 40ft dedicated container shipping to Victoria, as well as car export services. We offer flexible UK to Victoria removals services. Depending on the type of the load, it's weight and size, as well as the actual distance between collection and delivery location, we can offer either road transport, sea service or air freight to Victoria.

If you are not sure what type of services will work best for you, you should rely on the knowledge of our sales representative. You will soon find out that cost of international removals to Victoria is not the only factor to consider while choosing the best method of shipping furniture from UK to Victoria.

By working with us during your international move to Victoria from UK, you will experience effortless relocation regardless of its complexity, be it sending boxes or arranging full house removals to Victoria. We will handle all aspects of this task, from careful planning, export packing, transportation, customs clearance and many other additional solutions. Contact us now and check how much does it costs to ship furniture to Victoria from UK.


Types of services for shipping to Victoria from UK

Have you made up your mind to organise removals to Victoria? If the answer to the above question is yes, you should avail yourself of our quality and cheap moving services to Victoria. Having been in the industry for many years, we have been able to acquire strong facilities that we require to deliver quality overseas furniture moving to Victoria from UK, as well delivery to major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver and more. No matter where you are located in the UK, you will be able to make use of our services for shipping to Canada from UK.

Types of shippingWe understand that international removals needs differ. This is why we offer different overseas moving packages to suit the needs of various people. Our aspirations in our dealings with our clients is to satisfy them with our quality services by meeting their expectations. Quality, safe and timely delivery to Victoria are watchwords. Whether you want to move a single item arrange container shipping to Victoria from UK, we have a package that will suit you. With the facilities we have acquired, we are capable of send different kinds of items such as upright piano, furniture, antiques, household goods and others.

If you want, we can come to your house to pick your items and deliver it directly to the address you want in Victoria. This is our door-to-door international moving services. In this service, we will do the clearing in Canada and send the item to the address you. We also offer door-to-port delivery. In this service our agreement with you ends at the port.

Having been in the industry for a number of years, we have been able to diversify our services to include other removal related services such as packing, unpacking, cleaning and delivery services. We work with a team of packers. They have been trained to handle different kinds of items including furniture of various kinds and cabinets. If your items require that your door will be removed, our packers can do it and fix back your door perfectly well. After packing your articles, definitely heap of refuses will be left out. Our services include cleaning and refuge disposal services. Our team can clean and remove refuges leaving your home neat. As you can see we offer more than furniture removals to Victoria. We also offer variety of additional packages, just to make your relocation much easier.

After packing your item, we can also help you unpack it. We have our agents that will do that for you. In case you are not ready to move your items but you want to vacate your home immediately, you can make use of our storage services. Our storage facility is richly equipped with the best security system. There are also human security agents who are aided by well trained security dogs that are friendly to our clients but terrible to intruders. Besides, our storage containers are treated and thus insects, rodents and pests have no access to them. We also have temperature control feature in our storage facility for items that are temperature sensitive. So, your items in our storage facility is safe.

Air freight and container shipping to Victoria – different solutions for different needs

Air vs Sea shippingThe final decision of which type of services are best for you depends on your shipment’s size, weight, its contents, distance between two locations as well as on how fast delivery to Victoria from UK is needed.  Usually if you need urgent overseas transportation, then the only options in this case is definitely air freight – however due to some weight/size limitations, still the only option could be LCL or FCL shipping to Victoria from UK.

In other scenario, while you are looking for budget delivery options, then you should forget about sending items to Victoria via air. Sea service could be definitely described as an economical way of sending goods overseas.  Sea freight is generally between 3-4 times cheaper  than using air service. In each case we recommend to contact our team, as based on your needs we are able to offer you the most suitable package for your international removals to Victoria.

Sea ontainers are available as either 20ft or 40ft. If you are thinking of sending furniture, boxes, tools and other belongings from 2 or 3 bedroom house then 20ft container should fit all your belongings easily. If you are considering shipping also your car, a small boat or machinery or simply you are planning 4-bedroom house removals to Victoria, then you need 40ft FCL container. If you are not sure what size of container is best for your, don’t worry, our representative will offer the best option, to match your requirements.

Victoria, Canada

Nicknamed 'the City of Gardens' Victoria, is one of the most charming and beautiful cities in the world. It is renowned for it is renowned for 19-century stone buildings that lined the streets. Expats from the UK will easily cope in the capital city of British Columbia as its history has strong British traditions base.

Located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island off and situated about 100 kilometers away from the mainland of Vancouver, it is the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the most popular tourism location in the province and the country at large. All the things you require to have a quality living standard is available in the country. If you have made up your mind to relocate to Canada, 'The Garden City' should top the list of cities that you should consider staying in.

Basic info about Kitchener

Known worldwide for its charming and alluring natural beauty with lots of attractions, it is the 15th most populous city in Canada that offers its residents quality living standard. It has everything one will need in the contemporary time to have a better life. There are universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools, beaches, beautiful and rugged shorelines abound in the city for people that like water activities and relaxation in the sea environment. The cost of living is very high owing to high cost of accommodation.

There are plenty of opportunities for recreation and healthy living thanks to the availability of huge areas of protected parkland, the Pacific Ocean that provides the beaches and other recreational facilities.

You will definitely find employment opportunity because it has a robust economy driven by different industries even though some have more effect than others. Some of the high performing industries that provide job opportunities are the technology, tourism, food products, federal and provincial government administrative work and the service industries. You stand a better chance of finding employment in any of these sectors if you have skills that fit into these sectors

Airport and flight costs
The major international airport in the capital city of British Columbia is the Victoria International Airport. This airport also serves other cities in the B.C. There are flights from the main UK cities such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and others to this airport. The cost of flights depends the city you are taking off from, the airline you are using their services, how long in advance you book and the season of the year when you want to fly.

Moving reasons to VictoriaReasons to move to Victoria
However, it is not the most populous cities and it has a high cost of living you should still include it in the list of cities that can live in if you are moving to Canada. There are a number of reasons why you should consider it in the list of places that you should stay if you have made up your mind to move overseas.

Quality life
As mentioned above, it provides high quality living to its residents. It boasts of everything one requires to live a meaning life in the contemporary age. Infrastructures, amenities, nightlife, attractions, places of interests, shopping centre, education institutions, sport and recreational facilities and anything you can think of. Whether you are there alone or with your family, you will be able to enjoy a meaningful life here.

Quality education
It has excelled in the area of education. In fact education sector is among the sectors that contribute greatly to growing economy. There are education institutions for different age levels. There are schools that offer lessons in English language and schools that offer lessons in French and other languages such as Chinese. If you relocate with your children, you will not encounter any difficulty registering in schools. There are also institutions of higher learning like the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Camosun Collage. In case you want to further your education or your child is due to enter a university, these institutions of higher learning will meet your requirements.

Employment opportunity
 If you are interested in working as expats, then you should consider relocating here. The workers are well paid and thus they are able to pay for accommodation and provide the basic necessity of life for their family and themselves. After your monthly expenses, you will be able to save some money from your salary.

As mentioned above, it has the mildest climate in the whole country. There is normally no snow fall during the winter season. But you will be surprised to witness rain fall during the winter season. The temperate and mild climatic condition gives it an edge over other cities in the country. The weather is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. If you are visiting it for tourism or holiday, bad will definitely not interrupt your activities and fun. There is plenty of sunshine for outdoor activities during the summer season.

Sports and recreation
There are facilities for different types of sports such as golf, climbing, water sports, hiking, kayaking, cycling, jogging and others. If you like living an active life, you will find world class sport and recreational facilities.