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Are you planning removals from the UK to Montreal? We provide excellent personal belongings and house content moving services overseas. With many years of experience in shipping to Montreal from UK we can transport and deliver any type of domestic items - personal effects, antiques, sculptures, glassware, furniture, motorcycles and cars.

Our main services include:

  • Free shipping costs to Montreal estimate
  • Packing of goods
  • Shipping boxes supply
  • Door to door delivery
  • Affordable rates

Whether you are moving to Montreal from UK just 1 bedroom flat, 2 bedroom apartment or 3 bedroom house content we will provide a cheap solution. Compare UK movers to Montreal and find best shipping services that you need.

We can ship furniture to Montreal from London, send boxes from Bristol, transport a car from Leeds, move 20 ft shipping container from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool and more.

Montreal Canada

If you are planning moving to Montreal you probably want to find out a few interesting facts about this place. The province of Quebec in Canada has a city known as Montreal. This is actually the largest of all the cities located in the province. It also doubles as the second largest city in the whole of the nation and also the 9th when it comes to the whole of the North American continent. This is how large Montreal is. It has a triple peaked hill that is located at its heart, and this explains why it is called Mount Royal which translates to Montreal.

Though its original name was Villa Marie or the city of Mary, it has 1,649,519 inhabitants as quoted by the census of 2011, while the large metropolitan area of Montreal which includes the adjourning towns and villages has a total population of about 3,824,221. However, this city witnesses a rapid growth in population, and this has made the estimates of 2014 to place the projected population at about 4.1 million.

Life, work and the economy of Montreal

A good quality of life is most people moving to Montreal from UK expect. And they are not wrong. This is one of the cities where you can live and work comfortably. This is because there are jobs everywhere, and in diverse sectors, though you have to battle with some form of high cost of living. Overall, it offers good life and lots of jobs and business opportunities. If you are relocating and looking at different options of boxes, furniture or full 5ft, 10ft, 20ft container shipping to Montreal you can rely on us. Just give us a call or chat to us online and we will tell you average shipping costs to Montreal from UK.

The economy of Montreal has been described as the second largest in the whole of Canada when considered according to the GDP and also the largest in the province. This explains why it has been described as the centre of many things in the country. There are many people from around the word planning house removals to Montreal. It is the centre of finance in the nation and has great strides in commerce, technology, industry and even culture. There are numerous industries and they centre on aerospace, pharmaceuticals, software engineering, electronics, printing, tobaccos, textile, telecommunications, transport sector and petrochemicals. Moving to Montreal your business may be a good way of finding new customers.

There are also immense activities going on in the services sector and they centre on things like higher education, finance, research and development, and engineering, shipping. However, one other great economic giant in Montreal is the port Montreal. This is one port that engages in more than 26 million tons of cargo every year. We offer door to door shipping to Montreal from London, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, York, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Derby, Leicester all England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We will tell you how much on average is to ship to Montreal 3-seater sofa, armchair, double bed, chest of drawers, half container, shared container or full. Due to the size of the port there are many shipping lines which are used by cheap UK companies moving goods to Montreal from UK.

It centres on the shipment of machinery, petroleum products, consumer goods, sugar, grain, and many other commodities, to the extent that it stands amongst the most important and most used ports in the whole of Canada. It's the centre of rail system in Canada due to the port. It also hosts the space agency, civil aviation agency and many other related bodies. There are many activities in the gaming industry here, especially in game manufacturing. Find more about shipping to Canada.

House prices in Montreal, flights from the UK, airports

It is obvious that with the amount of jobs and industries in this city, housing will never be a problem in term of availability. People move to Montreal and leave every day. There are plenty of local companies offering international removals to Montreal and back to where they come from. One may even argue that it is of a high cost, but one thing is that you will never find it difficult to locate a good one that will satisfy all your needs in size and comfort.

Houses in MontrealHowever, on the good side of the story, housing in Montreal is on an affordable level.  If you wish to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre, you will be looking at C$914.81, C$800.00 or C$1,000.00 per month, while outside the city centre; you will get it at the cost of C$642.67, C$500.00 or C$750.00.

However, when you are in need of something bigger, you will get a 3 bedroom apartment in the city centre at the cost of C$1,800.00, C$1,500.00 or C$2,000.00, while outside the city centre, it will cost you about C$1,155.43, C$900.00 or C$1,450.00. For those who want to purchase the house, a square meter in the city centre goes for about C$1,155.43, C$900.00 or C$1,450.00, while outside the city centre; it is C$2,539.24, C$1,991.32 or C$3,013.89. Some of estate agencies offer free shipping to Montreal from UK for free if you buy a house through them.

The transportation system here is driven by the rail lines which has its headquarters in Montreal. This is partly because of the fact that the port which is located in the city needs a veritable rail system to move cargoes in and out of the port. Because of this, you will enjoy both cargo and passenger trains that links to all the major areas and all the other towns nationwide. There is also some bus lines scattered across the city, and this will make it easy for you to get around, especially due to the fact that the road network of the city is one of the best you can ever get. Some of UK cheap moving companies to Montreal from UK have branches in here. For that reason boxes, excess baggage, furniture, house content and container moving costs to Montreal from UK are very affordable.

The Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport serves as the gateway to this great city. With both the domestic and international wings, it offers services to many carriers and passengers. You can fly from this to all the other cities in the country and all the other cities in the world.

There is also the Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport which takes care of only the domestic flights. For a round trip flight from the city of Montreal to the UK, you will have to pay about £447 to £499. the airlines that run the route includes air France, Lufthansa, British airways, Delta airlines, KLM airlines, Turkish airlines, Royal air, Qatar airways, united airlines and the Royal Air Maroc airlines. Shipping goods to Montreal by air is quite expensive. If you have more boxes, sporting equipment and household goods the cheapest way of removals to Montreal will be sea shipping. If you are planning local relocation, be it moving to Calgary from Montreal, you should consider our road transportation option.

Reasons to move to Montreal

There are many reasons for moving to Montreal from UK and why the city is the ideal place for you to live and work. Yes, when you are fed up with your current place and needs a better life somewhere, you have to consider removals to Montreal which has been designated by the appropriate bodies as one of the most liveable cities in the whole world. The number one thing here is the fact that it is a very safe environment. If you need somewhere you can enjoy safety and peace, then you need to moving house to Montreal.

The next is the fact that the is is multicultural. This is one of the attributes you will enjoy in many of the Canadian cities. This is because almost half of the entire population here was born outside Canada. This means that all of them moved in, and they all came in with their cultures and traditions. This is actually the city where each person respects the culture and tradition of each other.

When moving to Montreal you will enjoy transportation in its best. Yes, from the rail to the land to the air transport, the movement is made easy here because of how effective the transport system is when you come here. You will never have any problem moving from place to place. This will even make it very easy for you to locate wherever you are going.

The best of Montreal lies in the labour market. The labour market is so efficient and open that you will always get fixed in a twinkle of an eye. Here, I am not just talking about getting fixed where you will not earn good amounts. You will always have good jobs with good pay packages waiting for you when you relocate to Montreal.

If you are moving to Montreal with your business, there is a very high purchasing power here. All the great firms that are located in here, have needs for moving services, and there are millions of small and medium scale enterprises that offer these to them. If you are one that wants to open and run a small or medium business, with the right moves, you will enjoy the great purchasing power that Montreal presents.

After removals to Montreal you will also not be denied of your fun and leisure. Yes, there are many attractions here, and you will always have your fill. The things you will do to spend your holidays are scattered across the city and made available to all who wish. This is also a tourism hub. There are many art houses scattered across the city, and these will tell you the story you need to hear about the city.

There are many educational institutions for you here. From the nursery to the tertiary levels, you will have great schools to offer you all the qualifications you have ever desired in the past.

Another area where the city endears itself to many people is when it comes to the cost of living. Montreal has a very good cost of living. In fact, it may have the lowest in Canada, such that you will always have affordable things for you. By removals to Montreal from UK you can improve your quality of life.

Things to do in Montreal

When you moving to Montreal there are many things to do. When get a break from work, you will never have a dull moment with your kids and family. This is why you will always desire to be here. The leisure and fun parks are so good that your kids will always want to go back if they ever experience it.  You can have a walk around the old Montreal which is seen as the original city. It has a lot of things on parade for you.

There are also the Montreal botanical gardens to give you the feel and look of the lush green nature that life has in stock.  This contains several parks and gardens with all sorts of grass and green scattered everywhere. When here, you will appreciate what nature has on offer for all who cherish it. Beauty and nature combines here.

There is also the Montreal museum of fine arts. Have you ever visited a museum that has been compiling and building its art gallery for over a century ago? This is what you get here. You will marvel at the perceptions of arts and world view since the last 100 years. This is exactly what the Montreal museum will offer you.

You can have fun in the Jean-Talon Market, where you will enjoy all forms of shopping. You can also make it historical by getting the local products here. There is also the St. Joseph's Oratory which is very great to behold.  The Parc du Mont-Royal and the Notre-Dame Basilica are great sights to behold.

Shipping container to Montreal

Container shipping to MontrealAre you hoping to find proximate sea freight rates to Montreal from Lichfield, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Canterbury or from everywhere city in UK? Our skilful and local-cost intercontinental removal savants have the facility to haul your moving packing boxes, hope chests, chair, digital cameras, ping-pong table, coffee table and extra everyday-use effects to any district in Montreal - Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, Châteauguay, Laval, Saint-Léonard, Terrebonne and many more. We have gained towering ingenuity in relocating every greatness of cheap moving boxes - prodigious, microscopic, four or two cubic ft or 28 cubic ft. It doesn't matter if you will pull out all stops to relocate four or thirty eight relocation boxes to Mirabel, Brossard, Le Sud-Ouest or Verdun we could organize it. Moving additional luggage to Montreal from London, Sunderland, Manchester or from each address in United Kingdom ought not to be hold-up. Our bought for a song and reasonable moving firms to Montreal from UK provide discounted approximate car shipping costs to L'Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, Outremont, Ville-Marie, Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles and to any region you desire. Honest and affordable motorcycle and chopper transport to Montreal is also something our removals adepts can design for you. We are transporting any standards of automobiles to Montreal from Londonderry, Stoke-on-Trent, Armagh and etc.. Our high-class conveyance people are professional enough to take your Plymouth from Cambridge to Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, export your Renault Clio from Brighton to Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or haul your Oldsmobile Cutlass from Repentigny to Salford. We have the expertise to get done the shipping of a motorbike to Blainville. Our global shipping firms are trained to transport your Super Moto to Montréal-Nord, lug your KAZUMA to LaSalle or ship your Ducati 999R to Le Plateau-Mont-Royal with diligence. It is not important if you will be moving a few miscellaneous moving house storage boxes or replete three bedroom oast house worth of equipment and plastic crates one may book us instantly. Our expert UK to Montreal Relocation bureau is big equipped enough to move each scale of house effects, vestibule and workshop things. Office removal firms could offer the transfers of laundry and cleaning, mobile phone docks and speakers, drop-leaf table, chest freezer and ring or large plum girl v-neck to Lachine from Winchester, exporting objects made from wood and glass, server racking, vinyl records, phone accessories to Dollard-des-Ormeaux from Lancaster or sending boxes, cardboard packing boxes, jeans and mac-book air to Montreal from Hull. We are in position to daintily pack all your fracturable chattels like - vases, pads, gps accessories, bird bath, images, three drawer filing cabinets, shelving units, jewellery, trainers and shoes, curio cabinets and more. Test good UK worldwide shipping companies to Montreal off-hand to scan rough-and-ready pick up and deliver prices to Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Longueuil, Anjou other. Learn how much to deliver personal items container or 40 foot intermediate bulk shipping container. Overseas Removal company succeed in doing overflowing and not full container shipping to Montreal, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Saint-Laurent or Saint-Jérôme from Southampton, Leeds and all Britain. Shipping oversize manufacturing machinery overseas like concrete mixers, economy lifting gear, envelope making machines, grinding machines or light duty edge-bander conveyors is new transport assistance we are big enough to serve for you. We transport problematic warehouse and factory machinery for numerous industries - building, airport operations, freight hauling (rail and truck), alternative energy sources, tanning salon and different.

Sending boxes to Montreal

Sending boxes to MontrealAre you scouting for estimated shipment rates to Montreal from Carlisle, Newport, Aberdeen, Bradford or from any other place in Wales and UK? Our well-qualified and real buy overseas moving virtuosos are capable to move your chests, wooden furniture, concrete furniture, handbag, swinging sofa, bicycle and additional personal gear to any area in Montreal - Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, Châteauguay, Laval, Saint-Léonard, Terrebonne and similar. We bear top-heavy cleverness in moving majority spread of coffers - huge, trivial, 3 or 4 cubic ft or 17 cubic ft. It does not make any difference if you would cast to carry three or four or twenty two discount moving boxes to Mirabel, Brossard, Le Sud-Ouest or Verdun we are able to ship your goods. Relocating over limit baggage to Montreal from Chichester, Coventry, Worcester or from wherever residence in England and UK does not demand to be steep. Our low-cost and discount relocation companies to Montreal from UK offer on sale back-of-the-envelope removals costs to L'Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, Outremont, Ville-Marie, Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles and to wherever you please. Best and worth the money machinery and caravan relocation to Montreal is also something our transportation veterans have the resources to outline for you. We have been importing any categories of hardtops to Montreal from Chester, Cardiff, Nottingham and many more. Our proved transshipment advisers have the experience to bring your De Tomaso from Birmingham to Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, get your Tata from Dundee to Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or carry your Alvis from Repentigny to Oxford. We will be happy to deliver the move of a motorcycle to Blainville. Our abroad transport firms are experienced enough to shift your Honda CBR600RR to Montréal-Nord, relocate your EASY RIDER to LaSalle or send your KYMCO to Le Plateau-Mont-Royal with intensity. We do not care if you have been shipping certain house move boxes or plentiful five bedrooms temporary accommodation worth of movables and packing boxes one could take up us at your earliest convenience. Our decent UK to Montreal Moving establishment will carry every quality of shrines movables, rumpus room and cooking area belongings. House moving firms will achieve the end of the dispatches of cars home, fridges, TV stand, washing machine and fishing rod or furniture to Lachine from St Albans, forwarding household articles, desktop personal computer, womens shoes, clothes men to Dollard-des-Ormeaux from Peterborough or delivering caskets, large moving boxes, golf club and handbags to Montreal from Durham. We are organized enough to with no problems pack all your delicate items like - bottles, wireless hard drives (nas), chrome-books, microwave oven, paintings, framed stacking chairs, outdoor lighting, wine collections, boys' baby clothes, blanket box and etc.. Review solid UK international moving companies to Montreal directly to request and examine average relocation prices to Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Longueuil, Anjou more. Ascertain how much to ship household items container or refrigerated ISO container. Worldwide Office removal services market filled to the brim and gathered container shipping to Montreal, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Saint-Laurent or Saint-Jérôme from Preston, Wolverhampton and all Great Britain, Vancouver. Forwarding ample factory plants abroad like turning machinery, pre-press - ctp systems, potato equipment, ploughs or medium & heavy duty electric stackers is further freightage help we will fulfil for you. We bring industrious production equipment for plenty of industries - construction/utilities/contracting ac & heating, car wash/detailing, crop production & basic processing, motion picture exhibitors, motor vehicle and other.

Shipping furniture to Montreal

Shipping furniture to MontrealAre you searching for rough haulage rates to Montreal from Exeter, Belfast, Westminster, Inverness or from every location in Scotland and UK? Our good and competitive intercontinental delivery firms have the right equipment to shift your wardrobe moving boxes, campaign furniture, bedside table, t-shirt with picture, clothes basket, fireplace grate and other private property to anywhere in Montreal - Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, Châteauguay, Laval, Saint-Léonard, Terrebonne and different. We own colossal abilities in shipping all range of cardboard storage boxes - oversize, dainty, four or three cubic ft or sixteen cubic ft. No matter if you will give best shot to forward two or four or fifty large cardboard boxes to Mirabel, Brossard, Le Sud-Ouest or Verdun we are equipped to help. Delivering extra luggage to Montreal from Plymouth, Hereford, Bristol or from anywhere county in UK could not be highway robbery. Our special offer and bargain-counter cargo forwarding companies to Montreal from UK provide bargain proximate transportation costs to L'Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, Outremont, Ville-Marie, Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles and to everywhere you require. Decent and low tariff car and heavy items delivery to Montreal is also something our collect and transport scholars have the facility to hatch for you. We were transferring any strains of motorized vehicles to Montreal from Gloucester, Norwich, Leicester and similar. Our skilled delivering businesses could convey your Aston Martin Db7 from Derby to Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, move your Continental Mark Ii from Newcastle upon Tyne to Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or drag your Checker Marathon from Repentigny to Swansea. We can conclude the importation of a motorbike to Blainville. Our global movers are professional enough to take your ATV to Montréal-Nord, export your MATCHLESS to LaSalle or haul your SHERCO to Le Plateau-Mont-Royal with attention. Whether you may be sending a small selection of packing crates or brimful 5 bedroom habitation worth of furniture and moving boxes and bubble wrap one can email us today. We also offer shipping to Winnipeg. Our careful UK to Montreal Shipping department is big enough to take any class of box-room fittings, outdoor and foyer wares. Home removal firms may schedule the removal of compact digital cameras, folding trolleys and hand trucks, chairs, outboard motor and Nikon lens or small asphalt thread-less zip hoody to Lachine from Liverpool, relocating crystal, portable appliances, wines, computer to Dollard-des-Ormeaux from Sheffield or transporting containers, cheap moving house boxes, olive lightweight tote and lights to Montreal from Edinburgh. We have the expertise to without any problems pack all your breakable goods like - potted plants, modems, digital cameras, fan, pictures, standard two tier lockers, vases, bowls & flowers, ornaments, dolls houses, dining set and many more. Inspect best UK worldwide freight forwarders to Montreal now to obtain and compare approximate shipping prices to Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Longueuil, Anjou, Toronto etc.. Make certain how much to export a half of a container or 20 ft specific purpose container. Intercontinental Home removals firms handle intact and partly loaded container shipping to Montreal, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Saint-Laurent or Saint-Jérôme from Bath, York and all United Kingdom. Transferring massive plant equipment worldwide like spindle moulders, dicers, office equipment, production lines or harrows is supplemental freight forwarding solution we are trained to administer for you. We send critical machines for assorted industries - casinos / gambling, aluminium, residential care facility, mining, pharmaceutical industry and more.

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