Work Challenges and rewards for UK immigrants

I wan to work in Canada - do I need a work permit?

Canada is the land of opportunity for the estimated 250,000 immigrants that are accepted in Canada to seek opportunity for a better work and life. It has one of the highest per capita rates of permanent working immigration throughout the world.  In over the past 15 years Canada has taken in nearly 3.5 million workers from overseas, which makes up about 0.8 percent of their population. The reason behind is a good quality of life and good paid work in Canada.

To gain a work permit for Canada can be done in two main ways, either a permanent resident or a temporary worker (both ways taking a bit of time to achieve).  However, there is no guarantee that once you arrive, you will find work within a reasonable amount of time. 

Rewards Britons searching for work in Canada

Canada is a peaceful, democratic country that offers a lot of work opportunity for immigrants.  Canada's name is thought to come from the word ‘Kanata', which means village or settlement.  Canada's size geographically is the second largest country in the world, and is even bigger than the United States or even China!

There are types of workers that are in demand vary between the different regions through-out Canada. 

That means that each region has its own nomination system for specific working classes. 

Canadian Employers know that immigrants searching for work in Canada tend to be reliable, hard workers that often offer international experiences along with fresh ideas.  Some employers even prefer to hire people from other cultures and countries, companies that do business overseas are usually more ideal to them. So if you are coming from the UK to Canada for work in some cases it may be you advantage that you are a foreigner.

The challenges of job searching for immigrants and newcomers

Although Canada is a very big country, the employment rate is still pretty high when comparing the past few years.  The unemployment rate is almost double for Canada's newcomers.  As a matter of fact, one out of four foreign educated immigrants works in occupations that really match their qualifications. Before moving to Canada from the UK you should star looking for work online. There are many websites and online agencies that will hep you find relevant information about finding a work in Canada.

I want to work in Canada - What are the barriers?

Three main reasons why it is more difficult for newcomers to find a good work in Canada than people who have been residing in there for a long time:

Canada work permit
  • Canada may have a set of laws and work permit regulations of doing things in your employment field, so you may have to prove you are familiar with these rules in order to actually get hired in some job fields.
  • Some employers may be a bit sceptic when it comes to foreign work force credentials like licenses and degrees.  If you want to work in Canada you must know that in certain fields you will need a Canadian license or certificate in order to actually be able to qualify for the job, such as medicine, nursing, engineering, plumber and electrician, as well as a few others.  So in order to work in Canada in these fields you will need to have your credentials reviewed and possibly take a few courses that will ensure you know what the Canadian standards are and have a valid work permit. 
  • If you aren't fluent in the two official languages in Canada (English and French), this could hurt your chances of finding a work at a suitable level. 
  • Average Living costs in Canada

Other potential obstacles that may lessen your chances of obtaining a good job would be to come to Canada without an acquaintance that has already been established.  Sometimes cultural differences may find you stuck in a ‘survival job' that basically pays poorly and leaves you living pay check to pay check with no time to able you to seek a more level appropriate work. 

Circumstances that may help you find a work

Despite all odds, you may have some advantages that will cause some employers to prefer newcomers over established Canadians and offer you work in Canada. This of course, all depends on the type of work you seek as well as the region you settle yourself in. 

Employers tend to think that many UK workers looking for work in Canada are willing to put in more work hours for the same or even a less pay rate.  Some employers may also like the international experience and ideas you offer to the business.  And any other languages you speak may be of help to those who do international business like translating, shipping to Canada, importing, selling overseas or even helping recruit more newcomers.

Your new home

UK Finding work in CanadaOnce you are chosen to work in Canada, you will have lots of resources to help you get settled.  Settlement agencies can help you find a place to stay and help you get more familiarized with Canada's culture. 

Free language courses are available to help you learn French or English, as well as work finding centres that are specifically for internationally- trained job seekers. 

You must keep in mind that the competition for UK working in Canada may be a bit intense, so be prepared to wait awhile because your job search may be a bit more difficult than what you may have contemplated. 

Also please remember there are only a few professionals that do not require a work permit for Canada. Most offered jobs do require you to hold a valid work permit. In some cases the employer can apply for a permit to employ foreigners.

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