Excess Baggage Shipping

Whether you are moving from one state to another or you are travelling out of the country, you can take advantage of our excess baggage shipping services.

Surely, you will like to have a lifetime experience and stress-free moments when you are travelling to another place. We have the skills and resources to transport your excess baggage to Canada and to any location you want worldwide.

We have been in this business for many years and we guarantee you safe delivery of your luggage to your new home. We are quite aware that your valuables, important documents, certificates and even fragile and breakable items may be in your extra luggage. This is why we are always careful in handling them from collection to delivery.

Sending baggage to Canada with care

We are not like some other business that will outsource their services without knowing what happens to the valuables handed over to them. When you hand over your luggage to us for shipping, you should have peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

We don’t outsource our services to baggage delivery companies we do not know. We do everything by ourselves to ensure that we deliver quality shipping excess baggage services to our clients.

As an experience and leading excess baggage shipping company, we have tailored our luggage collection and delivery services to meet the needs of every person. We offer sea, air and road excess baggage to Canada from UK. You can choose any of these means of transport depending on the delivery location and your circumstance.

For quick baggage delivery overseas, air freight is the right option for you. Contrary to the thinking of some people, air freight to Canada may be more cost effective under certain circumstance. Extra Luggage shipping is charged according to their size and weight. Sea freight is the most suitable and cost effective for the shipment of items of any size to distant places.

But it may take some time before the baggage gets to the final location given ships are not as fast as planes and trucks. Road shipping is suitable for intrastate and neighbouring countries. Both road and sea baggage shipping are charged according to the volume of the luggage.

If you are not sure whether you can afford a service or not you can request a few options to compare excess baggage costs to Canada from UK. You can also request free quotation on shipping furniture to Ottawa.

Door to door excess baggage delivery

Shipping baggage to CanadaWe offer collection services in case you are not able to bring your baggage to our base. You can choose our door-to-door luggage delivery service or door to port delivery service.

In the former, we will deliver pick your extra baggage from your current home and then deliver it to your new home at the stipulated day.

The local baggage delivery cost to your new home as well as the terminal fees and custom clearance.

For the door to port baggage transport services, the charge do not include customs duty, local tax, terminal charges and wharfage fees because you have to personally clear your baggage through customs. Our contracts with you end at the port when your baggage arrives. Contact us to compare excess baggage to Canada. Whether you have just one small bag or a few large suitcase we will tell you how much to send extra luggage. We also do shipping to Winnipeg.

Baggage packing

We will provide you with cartons and other packing materials in case you need them. The cartons are made available for free to our clients and on time to enable them get their items well-arranged before the collection date. But after packing, we will go back with unused cartons. However, if you require more than one delivery box, you will be charged for the additional ones. You can also use your own cartons if you like. But make sure that you are using strong and right cartons for your items.

You do not have to use shipping boxes to send you excess baggage to Canada from UK,be it moving to Quebec. You can use suitcases, rucksacks, bags, wooden or plastic crates.

When packing your excess baggage items in the cartons, you should not over fill them with items. Your cartons when it is well packed should not weigh more than 35 kilos. Heavy items like books are better put in smaller cartons for easy carriage.

Shipping excess baggageYou may require our packing service at extra cost if you have some articles of furniture to move.

Sending excess baggage to Canada that has been packed by our packers will give you extra piece of mind and additional protection for your goods.

Such items require skills and expertise. The cost for the service depends on the nature of the items and the job involved.

Our experts will come to your home to assess your items and then provide you with a quote. But generally, you can obtain our quote by completing the online request quote form in our site or by phoning us. The quickest way of moving excess baggage to Canada from UK is to use one of the passenger airlines. We can also organise express shipping antiques to Canada, get in touch to get our rates.

Your baggage can be delivered port to port within 6 up to 10 hours depending on where in Canada you want ship it.

If you need storage services for you baggage whether at the delivery location or here in the UK, we can provide that for you. As international baggage shipping company, we have storage facilities in all the countries we offer removals services to. We also have storage facilities in the UK. Do let us know about your storage needs and will discuss it with you.

Compare excess baggage

The best way to get cheap excess baggage to Canada deal is to request quotes from several firms that specialize in shipping to Canada. You can also contact passenger airline, freight forwarders, Fed-ex, UPS, DHL and your nearest post office. We know that comparing excess baggage charges to Canada from UK may take a lot of time. However you can use our services to compare extra luggage shipping costs. Simply give us a quick call or send an email. We will do our best to wind you the cheapest firm to send your luggage. We will hep you save money and time. Contact us and will tell you how much is excess baggage to Canada from UK or to get cheap shipping to Calgary from any location in the World.

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