Cheap shipping to Canada from UK

If you are relocating to Canada you probably wonder how to send your personal effects, furniture and other house content and not to pay a fortune for it. First thing is to check if you are entitled to ship your goods tax free. Next you have to find a reliable UK to Canada shipping company that will prepare and organize your boxes and furniture delivery to Canada at reasonable costs.

There are also some tricks that will help you save some money on your shipment. For example you can dismantle and flat pack your furniture to reduce the cubic volume of your possession or you can ship just the items that are more expensive in Canada than in the UK. For more advice and tips on cheap shipping to Canada from the UK please contact our international removals to Canada company. We offer free shipping quote with no obligation. We can also email you our free step by step guide on sending boxes and furniture to Canada from United Kingdom.

Shipping services

There are many international furniture transport services we can offer. If you are not in a hurry and can keep your delivery date flexible we recommend that you take advantage of the cheapest way of shipping to Canada. Sending your goods in a 20ft or 40ft container by sea will allow you save a lot of money in comparison to the air freight. With us you can ship 10, 50, 100 or 200 cubic feet. You can hire quarter, one-thirds, half, three-fourths or full container. We can even design and build wooden crates for added protection and security. Here you can find out more about sending boxes to Canada.

Shipping companies

There are many cheap, nationwide and professional shipping companies in the UK that are local to you. When choosing an international freight forwarding firm make sure they specialize in shipping to Canada from UK, offering cheap removals to Quebec and other towns. Only such transportation companies can offer cheapest shipping rates.

Never ask just one company for a delivery quote. The shipping costs estimates are free. To find a cheap shipping deal you need to compare prices from at least 3 different, independent cargo forwarders.

Contact us today to find out how much is to ship your personal effects.

We will be happy to provide a free house survey and no obligation quote with all shipping costs broken down. We can also provide a quick quote. Average shipping costs to Canada will give you an idea of how much it will cost to send your 2-seater, 3-seater, corner settee, wardrobe, dresser, rug, boxes and furniture. UK to Canada shipping from London, Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Norfolk, Ipswich and more is want we can offer. We cover the entire United Kingdom and provide cheap shipping to all Canada.

Excess baggage
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Excess baggage

Excess baggage to Canada

Dec 9 2014

Are you going on holiday to Canada and your baggage allowance is not enough? We can ship by air or sea at affordable rates.

Delivery to Canada
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Shipping goods and personal effects

Shipping personal effects

Dec 9 2014

We can ship boxes, send furniture, transport a car and deliver to Canada anything you want. We can sort our the customs clearance too.

International freight forwarders

Canada is one of the countries in the world with a booming economy. With its large area of land and low population density, there are plenty of employment opportunities, many more than in the UK. Most people from the UK and other countries are moving to Canada in search of employment given that the unemployment rate in there is very low. There are jobs for both skilled and unskilled emigrants.

The country also provides lots of business opportunities to entrepreneurs and business inclined folks. Though it can be very snowy and cold during the winter period. However it also has lots of warm beaches booming with life during the hot summer. Whatever the reason you want to move we offer cheap shipping to Canada from the UK.

Despite being painted as beast by some media, Canada actually has one of the best and working healthcare plans. The academic standard in the country is very high. It is a very nice place to live and train children. The high standard of living and better job opportunities are the major reasons why most people from the UK are shipping to Canada.

Shipping from the UK

If you are planning on moving to Canada in search of a better employment or for any reason at all, you will not have any problem shipping your personal effects, furniture and boxes no matter how bulky they are. There are many cheap UK to Canada shipping companies that offer international delivery services from the UK to Canada and vice versa. Shipping to Canada is very simple and relatively cheap because the international transport companies offer tailor-made services to meet the needs of their clients. UK Businesses exporting goods to Canada from the UK as well as individuals sending their belongings will definitely find international moving companies that will offer them affordable services.

Individuals and families that are relocating to Canada can ship their personal items to Canada from the UK using the services of international movers. Delivery services to Canada from the United Kingdom are available in various parts of the UK. So, no matter where you are living or where your business is located in the UK, you are sure of finding cheap shipping services to Canada. Besides, some UK to Canada movers offer free collections in specific locations such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow,Bristol, Liverpool, Aberdeen and other big UK cities. If you cannot find a reliable, professional and cheap shipping company that offer free collection, you may be required to pay extra fee in order to obtain collection service. But it will only cost you a small amount of money.

Cheap shipping

Packing services are also offered by the international removers. Most UK to Canada shipping companies work with professionals packers. Whether you are shipping full house contents or sending just a few boxes to Canada, they are capable of neatly pack all your items with high quality packaging materials to reduce shock during transit. However, each company has its manner of charging for these extra services. Some removal companies charge each additional service differently while some removal firms give a quotation that includes the cost of all the extra services they offer. If you are looking for UK to Edmonton removals

Each shipping company has its package delivery location in Canada. You can make arrangement for the delivery of your package to your new home in Canada or collect your goods by yourself. There are other local movers in Canada that can offer door to door delivery. However, you it's cheaper to find door to door shipping from the UK to Canada. Such services cost slightly more depending on where the goods will be delivered in Canada. Some shipping companies in the UK have business rapport with certain Canadian shipping company to deliver packages to stipulated location on their behalf. Yet, there are some companies that deliver it themselves. We also do shipping to Montreal.

International shipping

The shipping costs to Canada from the UK depend on a number of factors. First, the quantity of the items to be shipped is considered by most shipping companies when giving quotation. The items are charged according to their weight and cubic volume if you want the air freight. The sea shipping prices are calculated based on the cubic volume only in most cases. Another factor that determines the delivery cost from the UK to Canada is the value of the property. Highly valued items and fragile items may cost more to be shipped to Canada. This is because if they are lost, the moving company will definitely pay for it. So, they factor in the level of risk they are exposed to before giving out their quote. Contact us today to get cheap shipping to Canada from UK, you can get in touch with shipping companies from UK to Ottawa and other locations.

Virtually, all the UK to Canada shipping firms that offer international transport services are insured. Definitely, they have different insurance policies. So, you should always consider the type of insurance a company has before hiring the freight forwarder.