Moving pets to Canada - requirements and procedures

Shipping a pet overseas

If you are relocating and shipping to Canada from UK your household goods you can't forget about your dog, cat, parrot, ferret or any other pet you may have. It take a while to get all documents done and dusted to move your pet. It's important you do not leave it to the last minute.

Bringing pets to Canada is legal and it does not matter whether it is a cat, dog, house rabbit, ferret, hamsters, a fish, guinea pig, or a canary.

However, just as the case with some other countries, there are some requirements, restrictions and procedures that you should satisfy before you will be allowed to bring a pet to Canada. Each pet has its requirements. Even pets of the same kind but with different sizes have different moving requirements.

For example, puppies have different moving requirements from a mature dog. Big size dogs used for security purpose have their importation requirements which are different from those of small dogs kept as pets. So, if you want to Emigrate to Canada ant take your pet, it is important that you find out what the requirements are needed for the type of pet you want to transport overseas.

Moving a cat to Canada

If you are moving a kitten that is not up to three months old, you are not required to satisfy any pet import requirements. If you are moving the cat from a country regarded as not rabies-free by Canada, you are expected to bring your rabies vaccination certificate.

English or French should be the language for writing the rabies certificate. The certification should be provided by a licensed veterinarian. There should be a proper identification of the cat you want to take to Canada on the certification.

The rabies-free certification should provide information about the colour, weight and breed of the cat. The cat should be vaccinated with a licensed vaccine. The date of the vaccination should be indicated in the certificate. Other pieces of information that should be contained in the certificate are the specific duration of immunity, name and serial number of the vaccine. To find out the costs of moving a cat to Canada from UK please contact our office.

In case the cat you are bringing to Canada is not vaccinated or you don't meet the requirements mentioned above, you can still send the cat but you will be required to vaccinate your cat against rabies and send the information of the vaccine to the office of the Food Inspection Agency of Canada. However, you will take care of any expenses incurred from these services.

Moving a dog to Canada from UK

Moving a dog to CanadaThe requirements also apply to moving dogs to Canada. Whether you are bringing the dog in for commercial purpose or just as pet you need to meet the international pet transport requirements.

Moving a dog to Canada that is not up to three months old, it is exempted from the above pet removals requirements.

Before bringing a dog to Canada from UK above three months old from any country not regarded as rabies-free including the US and Mexico, you should have the animal vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.

The veterinarian should issue you with a dog transport vaccination certificate containing all the relevant information as described above.

Besides the vaccination requirements, there are other important factors that you should take into consideration when you are bringing a pet to Canada from Scotland, England, Ireland or Scotland.

Compare pet transport companies from the UK to Canada. Find an international pet mover that offers cheap rates for moving dogs and cats abroad by air. Get free pet moving quotes from trusted and professional firms. We offer pet transport services to anywhere worldwide. Most popular destination for Britons moving with pets in Canada is Vancouver. Via our website you can also check average pet shipping costs to Calgary or other locations.

Pet transport requirements

First, you are required to keep the animal including reptiles, exotic, cats and dogs safe from injury and harm during the relocation regardless of the mean of the pet transport. The pet carrier or container where the pet will be kept should give the pet enough space to lie comfortable in a natural manner or stand or sit down comfortable. The cage should be strongly built and secure so that they animal will not dislodge it. If the pet transport to Canada will be longer than 12 hours, the animal has to be fed during the journey. This means that the cage should have provision for feeding of the pet.

Different types of animal require different pet moving companies So, you should ensure that you are using the right pet transport carrier for the animal you are bringing to Canada.

If you are driving your own vehicle and moving a pet with you, you are required to contain your pet, if it is a type of pet that will distract you as you are driving. Don't expose your pet to dust or debris or allow the animal to be moving freely as you drive.

Bringing pets to CanadaIf you are bringing back a commercial dog to Canada which includes a dog used for competition, the animal is required not be outside Canada for more than 6 months. There should be a proof that the dog is registered or used for competition. The animal must also be followed by a Canadian resident.

Just as it is the case with moving cats to Canada, if your dog does not have the required rabies certification, you have to vaccinate the animal and provide the vaccination information to the office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You will bear the cost of these additional international pet transportation services as well.    Note! Canada does not consider the US and Mexico as non-rabies-free. So, if you are planning bringing a pet Canada from these countries, you should satisfy the requirements given above.

What pets can you bring to Canada from UK?

As long as you meet the international pet transport requirements set by Canada you are free to take any animal that people can keep in a house in the UK legally. We can offer cheap transport of pets from the UK to Canada including rodents such as gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, transportation of fancy rats, and guinea pigs; moving avian pets, such as canaries, parakeets, and parrots; sending reptile pets, such as turtles, lizards and snakes; relocation of aquatic pets, such as goldfish, tropical fish.

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