We offer door-to-door shipping from any location in the UK, to any location in Canada, be it Toronto, Kitchener or Ottawa. Just tell us what's the pick-up address, so we can collect your goods directly from your door and arrange international removals to any location in the World, including your  international furniture removals to Kitchener.

As a part of our shipping services we also offer additional moving packages. You can opt-for our professional export packing solutions or we can only supply you with required boxes and other wrapping materials, so you can undertake the packing task on your own, this way saving some money when shipping to Canada.

We can also offer labelling services as well as unpacking and cleaning at the delivery location. We adjust our services to your requirements; our goal is to make sure that all your needs are met. Just tell us what you need and we will arrange your relocation to Kitchener from the UK. If you prefer to do the packing on your own, we can still provide useful advice on how to pack for overseas shipping.

Shipping services to Kitchener from the UK

Shipping from UK to Kitchener is not a piece of cake but with the help of professional movers you can go through the entire process quickly and without stress. Moving overseas can be comfortable experience but only with assistance of high-quality moving companies that offer comprehensive services, including box & baggage shipping, furniture removals to Kitchener, shipping vehicles, artwork, antiques and other items.
Professional mover can easily adapt their services to your requirements, by offering both dedicated and shared container shipping to Kitchener by either sea or air freight to Canada.

UK to Kitchenere moversIf you are not sure which means of transport will work best for you, we recommend to contact us so our representative can meet you in your house and answer all your questions related to upcoming relocation to Kitchener. During this meeting our estimator will also have an opportunity to perform detailed survey of the items you are going to ship overseas. By know the exact cubic volume of your goods, he will also provide fixed price for sending goods to Kitchener from the UK. 

You will get absolutely free and no-obligation estimate, which you can compare against our competitors, but you should find out that in fact we offer cheap international removals to Kitchener.  We always provide final price, without hidden fees. We always list our additional services that you can opt-for at given rates.

So if you are thinking about moving to Kitchener from the UK, we are the right company that can help arrange your overseas relocation. We can transport both single items and container full of furniture. We offer both dedicated and cheap shared container shipping to Kitchener, with air freight as an option for urgent deliveries. Apart from transportation of the goods we also offer range of additional service that can save your time and effort when going overseas.

Shipping container to Kitchener – FCL and LCL options

Container shipments allow forwarding personal items to almost any location in the World. There are two main types of sea freight services: FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load). 

In case of FCL shipping to Kitchener it's recommended for loads larger than 20 cubic meters. So even if you do not have enough items to fill the entire container choosing FCL shipment can be still economically viable solution. By selecting FCL shipping method, you hire a 20ft or 40ft container for your exclusive use and you pay flat rate for shipping to Kitchener. It is usually cost-effective solution in case your items take up more than half space in 20ft or 40ft container.

In case of LCL shipment the cargo is usually less than 15 cubic meters and it is consolidated with other load of other client in the same container. It is good option to send small volumes overseas while reducing the costs. It is worth noting that usually transit time of both LCL and FCL shipment is the same, however you can experience some delays in case of LCL shipment as the consolidation of the multiple loads can take a bit more time.

Moving to Kitchener - hire shipping company

Easy moving to KitchenerInternational relocation is no doubt an important and exciting journey as it signifies a beginning of new chapter of our life. We are fully aware how important it is for our clients to have their belongings delivered safely to remote destinations. Our company offer affordable door-to-door shipping to Kitchener for both families and business partners. Be it moving a few pieces of furniture from your house, or sending 4-bedroom house worth of furniture, we can arrange the best shipping services that fits your budget and requirements regarding shipping to Kitchener. By offering professional services we guarantee minimal disruption to you.

We do not focus on transportation of the load only. We also offer spectrum of additional services, including pre-move planning of your house moving to Kitchener. We also offer professional advice on UK to Kitchener customs and taxes.

With our help overseas furniture shipping to Kitchener is easy and efficient. We can easily handle either small or large moves. Be it sending excess baggage to Kitchener from UK or exporting car or heavy machinery.

Depending on the pick-up and delivery location, type of the cargo, your budget and urgency of the delivery, we can advise on the best and cheap shipping services from UK to Kitchener. With our help you will choose the best solution - be it sea shipping or air freight to Kitchener. If you are moving for the first time, it could be difficult to choose ideal method of international removals to Kitchener. It is why we analyze each moving individually and always offer moving services tailored to you requirements.

We also help in sorting-out all required paperwork for moving abroad to Kitchener.

Basic info about Kitchener

This is actually one of the cities you will desire to visit if you know the city’s real history and facts. In the southern region of the Ontario province in the country called Canada lays a city called Kitchener. This city stands as the seat of government of the Waterloo municipality. This city which was formerly known as Berlin got the new name of Kitchener in the recent past. With a total population of about 219,153 according to the census of 2011, it stands as the tenth in the line of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. This also makes it the fourth largest CMA in Ontario province. The population density is put at 1,602.1/km2 (4,149/sq mi), with the urban density being higher than the metro density. The cities that border this city are Cambridge and Waterloo in the south and north respectively. This city which covers about 136.86 square kilometers has been a city since 103 years. It marked its centenary with a celebration in 2012.

When you look at the economy of the city, you will simply realize that this is a production and manufacturing based economy. This is a city that is deeply rooted in manufacturing, with many artifacts that are scattered around the nook and corner of the city as remnants to express its manufacturing exploits. however, with some recent changes in the fortunes of the city, it is very true to say that the manufacturing fortunes of the city has been declining, as occasioned by the recession and many other things. But this does not remove the fact that even up till now, 20 percent of the city’s population is still employed in the manufacturing sector.

The city has four municipal business parks and these also house many factories. Most of them manufacture seats and furniture products. However, in order to diversify and delve into many other sectors, the city has eventually delved into the areas of finance and insurance, digital media and even health science areas.

The Lang Tannery which was purchased by a Toronto based firm has been converted into a very huge hub for media companies.  There are many media firms located in the area now, including an e-learning company. As at 2011, the area has about 800 companies in the high tech sector. They are engaged in information technology, aerospace, biomedical, advanced manufacturing, environmental technology and digital media. There are also some factories located in the adjourning suburbs, and they have been converted to houses and residential areas. There are lots of shopping malls, parking areas, galleries, boutique, hotels and many others.

Reasons to move to Kitchener

There are many reasons why you should come and live in this city. Many people are living in some cities where they are not comfortable and really needs to relocate. But the problem is that some have not actually realized that what they need is relocation, while others who have realized this still fear the unknown as it concerns the relocation. One major thing that will help you to take the positive relocation step today lies in the Kitchener lifestyle. Many things about the community life here, the arts and culture, the heritage and many others will be very enticing if you are to experience them in any measures here.

Moving to KitchenerThere are millions of cultural amenities here. You will enjoy theater arts, images, storytelling and lots of arts and cultural festivals that happen every time.
There is great diversity here, in the sense that majority of the inhabitants of the city were actually born outside the city. Because of this, you will experience lots and lots of cultural and ethnic differences, and none seeks to dominate the other. This instills great equality and equity amongst all.

The housing is another great thing. The affordability of the accommodations present here is great. But this is not all there is to it. The best thing is that you will always find areas that match your taste. If you are a young man who wants to live in vibrant young people or bachelors zone, you will get houses in affordable zones of this like. If you are a family person and seek for cool areas that will support the proper upbringing of your kids, you will also get it here.

The next is that this is a sports hub. You can actually engage in sports exercises here. If you are a sportsman, you can engage in the cheering of your stars if you are a fan. This ranges from basketball, polo, track and field, football and many others.
There are also many great hospitals and health institutions of world class that can take care of your health and those of your kids anytime you wish. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the greatness embedded in their schools. The city has vibrant schools from the primary to the tertiary levels.

Things to do in Kitchener

There are many things to do when you are here. When it comes to attractions, you will never lack it when in this city. Even if you have yearlong holidays, you will still find new things to do each day. The cultural life of the city is one you cannot explore within a little time. There are art galleries, historic sites, the public library, and children’s museum, center in the square, cafes, live music shows and many others.
If you are the type that is in love with outdoor lifestyle, you will have lots of this to enjoy. There are many parks, golf courses, markets and shopping malls and many other things you can do to keep yourself busy.
Other things you can use for your leisure includes the sports leisure opportunities like the skate parks, the numerous sports fields, the fitness and massage programs scarpereded in several spas in the city and many others.