Going overseasFuture expatriates are expected to understand the implication when organizing your UK to Canada removals. Moving overseas entails a lot of planning that may require expatriates to observe certain processes. They have to notify a number of public agencies and authorities about their move to foreign countries. Given this, it is important that you take the planning very seriously. Don’t leave any stone unturned. If you visit this website in order to have a smooth move overseas or to know what you are supposed to do when you are planning to move overseas, you are already on the right track. Here, we will provide a generic guide for overseas moving. It is general advice, it doesn't matter if you are shipping single baggage or looking for container shipping to Ottawa. It is worth adding that, each country may have its specific requirements. Besides, your specific individual circumstance may require you to take extra actions. So, to avoid confusion, while you abide by the steps given here, you should also determine the requirements of the country you are travelling as well as your specific condition and seek for expert attention if you require extra steps.
As and experienced company offer shipping services to Canada, we have prepared a short guid on how to move overseas. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email. We will answer all you questions.

Get your entry permit or visa

If you are travelling to abroad, the first thing you should do is to get your visa or entry permit. Each country may have different categories of visa such as work visa, study visa, businesses visa, holiday visa and others. Each category of visa may have some sub type. So, it is important that you find out whether or not you are required to get a visa before you will be granted entry to the country you want to travel to. Some countries have bilateral agreements with others which make it possible for their citizens to enter the other countries without any visa for any reason. Check our guide for expats living in Canada to find out more information on entry requirements.

If you are required to have a visa, determine the type of visa you require and then apply for it. Make sure that you apply for the right visa type otherwise you may encounter a problem. Besides getting the right visa, you should also ensure that your travelling documents are complete.  There are some documents you may require for identification such as your certificates and proof of identity. If you are planning to visit Canada you definitely need to read about Canadian visa requirements.

Education system of the new country

If you have children or you are going for studies reasons, it is important that you find out how the education system of the new country works or how it fits the requirements of your children. Find out the various steps you should take in order to be part of it or to have your children registered in it. Research on the various options you have. Contact various schools and find out the level your children belong to before you travel.

Take a decision regarding your property

Worldwide shipping guideIf you are going to stay for many years in your new country and you have some properties in your current country, it is important that you decide on time what you will do with your properties. How much of your properties are you moving with? If you have a house in your current country, are you going to resale it? Will it be more costly to relocate with your property or will you make more money by selling them and buying new ones in your new country? These are some of the questions that you have to answer in order to determine the right cause of action to take. You have to obtain expert advice especially regarding your house because of the tax implication of keeping such houses.

Converting your money

If you are moving to a country that uses a different currency, then you have to convert the cash you are travelling with into the currency of the country you are travelling with. Before converting your saving to the currency of the new country, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. The first point to consider is the exchange rate. The exchange rate normally is not steady. So, watch out when it will favour you most and then change your savings. If you are returning back soon, there is no need changing all your money. You will only need to change the amount you will require for your travel.


Your pension

If you started work already and you have been saving on your pension, then you have to find out the impact your move has on your pension. Find out if there is any bilateral agreement between your home country and the new country you are travelling to regarding pension and do the necessary thing you have to do in order to preserve your pension.
Other things you have to do before moving are:

  • Finding out the tax rules in your home country as well as in the new country
  • Finding out how to move your properties including cars and pets if you want to travel with them
  • Finding out health care insurance options obtainable in the new location
  • Making the necessary transportation and accommodation arrangement

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